About us

B&B Antoniushoeve is located in Lomm (6 km above Venlo), in a building the oldest part of which was built in 1906 as a small farm. Many expansions during the more than 100 years that the building has been in Lomm made it a large building. The farm was closed in the 1960s. After that, the building served as a holiday pension, as a Christian shelter and now, since October 2018, as a B&B.

 From the opening we have been working on a concept that is as sustainable as possible in the B & B. In practice, this means that we work with organic products, certified cleaning products and a separate waste system. Ultimately, this should lead to a Green-Key certification, which we hope to obtain in early 2021. In the coming months we will make even more adjustments to the B&B: at the moment we have already banned all plastic shower and shampoo bottles and you will find a piece of Werfsoap in your room. The chocolate that you find in the room is from Tony’s Chocolony. We will of course keep you informed of all changes, on this website, but also in the information folder in your room. Tips and good advice are of course welcome.

The B&B is run by a team of 2 people. Gerard and Marianne Martens wish you a warm welcome and want to make you feel at home in the accommodation.

It goes without saying that we are aware of possibilities and activities in the area, and are happy to advise you.

Gerard Marianne Antonius Hoeve